So here we are! (I finally got my butt in gear)



Now for the nitty gritty…

This house will need OFB (for windows) and AL or M&G (for the roofing sections & fireplace).

It comes UNFURNISHED but with light (ivy) decoration.

The floorplan is not the same as the movie house, and I have tried my best to make as much of the roof space playable as possible. Unfortunately when I play tested the lot, there is a part of the roof that registers as “ceiling too low”. The version of the house you are downloading does not have a door connected this section for that reason.

I’ve tried to include as much (pay) CC as possible, but there are a few things you’ll need to source for yourselves in order to get things looking tip top:


- Numenor's recolourable stairs (so you have white stairs!)

- HugeLunatic's Art Nouveau Stairs open underneath here & normal one here

- The windows from Ren's Easter Hunt ‘13 gift (these are so beautiful and this probably wouldn’t have been built without it!)

THE COSMETIC (not quite so important) BITS

- Kativip's ivy, from this set on GOS.

- Maron's 3to2 Lunasims Ivy conversion (and roses, but I didn’t use them in the download version) in her gift for potpiesims, from this thread on GOS.

There are more pictures and recolours of objects included in the download file!


(I think that covers everything, but if there’s anything wrong, give me a prod!)